Oxygen Regulator/Flowmeter with 2 High Pressure Outlets

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Oxygen Piston Regulator 0-25L/min, Barbed Nipple, Two SIS Sleeves

High pressure regulator for use with medical gas cylinders equipped with a medical cylinder valve.

  • Regulator with flow selector.
  • Rotating pressure gauge which allows convenient reading
  • 360° swivelling outlet – it enables the better orientation of the nasal cannula or oxygen mask towards the patient (preventing from twisting)
  • Innovative self-centering flow setting device with continuous flow between settings. In the unlikely event of indent mechanism failure, the patient will still be supplied by medicinal gas
  • Lateral and frontal reading of flow settings
  • The higher number of flow disc holes increases treatment options. Extra flow setting of 25 l/min on the traditional 15 l/min variant, allows use in resuscitation
  • The additional 7 l/min is intended for nebulization