Mdevices Bubble Oxygen Tubing 30m


SKU: 31370005


Cut to Length Oxygen Tubing

The Mdevices Bubble Oxygen Tubing is an innovative solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of patients and healthcare professionals. This green, 30-meter tubing is engineered with incremental sections that vary in diameter (3.5mm and 7cm) along its length, allowing for effortless customisation. Clinicians can easily cut the tubing to the required length and diameter, ensuring a perfect fit with the suitable mask or nebuliser and the corresponding oxygen source. Please note, this product must be used by a qualified clinician.

Benefits & Features:

  • Soft Kink-Resistant Tubing: Ensures uninterrupted oxygen flow and enhances patient comfort.
  • Green Color for High Visibility: Minimises connection errors, making it ideal for busy clinical environments.
  • Flexible and Customisable: Allows easy cutting to the required length, ensuring compatibility with a range of medical devices.
  • Complete Customisation: Facilitates seamless connection to the selected product of choice, offering unparalleled versatility.
  • Convenient Coiling: Coiled in a dispenser box for easy removal, saving time and effort during use.
  • Latex-Free Construction: Safe for patients with latex allergies or sensitivities.
  • Generous Tubing Length: 30 meters of tubing ensure ample supply for various clinical applications.
  • Segment Diameters: Internal Diameter (ID): 3.5mm – 7mm. Outer Diameter (OD): 5.3mm – 0.5mm
  • Quality Material: Made from durable PVC with DEHP for enhanced longevity and performance.
  • Extended Shelf Life: With a shelf life of 3 years, this tubing offers long-term reliability and readiness for use.