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A guide to Defibrillators. Download to discover how you can make a difference for your colleagues, customers and the wider public and save a life. In this guide, you’ll learn about Sudden Cardiac Arrest stats and facts. How a defibrillator can help. How to effectively use a defibrillator. Who should have a defibrillator. Maintenance requirements for a defibrillator. Key considerations when purchasing a defibrillator. How we can help you.

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The PAD350 Semi-Automated Defibrillator

A defibrillator that provides audio prompts to users and a metronome for CPR timing and features visual representations of how to use the device. This semi-automated AED requires the user to press the shock button when instructed.


The PAD360 Fully-Automated Defibrillator

A defibrillator that provides audio prompts to users and a metronome for CPR timing and features visual representations of how to use the device. This fully-automated AED does not require the user to deliver the shock, the unit provides the shock automatically when required.

The PAD500P Defibrillator with CPR Advisor

A semi-automatic defibrillator that is operated by using two buttons. It features clear and simple voice prompts for users, and visual prompts to assist the rescuer in noisy or multi-lingual environments. The 500P features unique patient-specific CPR feedback which instructs the user to push harder, faster, slower or reassures you that you’re doing it right.

What Makes Our Defibrillators Different?

  • They offer the quickest time to shock – at just eight seconds. Every second counts as the chance of survival reduces by 10% per minute
  • They have the highest IP rating of IP56 – which means it is protected against dust and water and therefore suitable for use in almost any environment
  • They use patented shock delivery technology – this delivers a more effective shock at lower energy levels reducing the risk of heart damage and improving patient recovery time.
  • They can shock someone with a chest impedance of 10-300 ohms – which is greater than other defibrillators available – therefore can shock in more cases resulting in more lives saved
  • They have a simple one-button operation, and voice and visual prompts for users, making them exceptionally easy to use by untrained and minimally trained rescuers
  •  They can connect to remote monitoring systems making management of large fleets simple and cost effective (additional equipment required) 
  • They have patented CPR feedback technology which provides the user with voice guidance ensuring their chest compressions reach adequate depth and rate (PAD500P only)

How to Use
HeartSine Samaritan PAD350 Semi-Automated Defibrillator

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P (SAM 350P) with CPR Coaching is a simple-to-own semi-automatic defibrillator, designed to be durable, affordable, and highly user-friendly – all in the lightest and smallest package available.

How to Use
HeartSine Samaritan PAD360 Fully-Automated Defibrillator

The HeartSine Samaritan PAD 360P (SAM 360P) with automatic shock delivery. The Samaritan AEDs are designed for the lay rescuer and ordinary person to use.  The logic behind the fully-automatic version is that it can deliver a shock without the rescuer having to push a shock button or make a difficult decision.  The SAM 360P cuts down on the risk of responder hesitancy.

How to Use
HeartSine Samaritan PAD500 with Integrated CPR Advisor

More than just an AED, the HeartSine Samaritan PAD 500P (SAM 500P) offers an integrated CPR Advisor that uses only the electrodes to monitor and uniquely provide visual and verbal feedback on the quality of applied CPR, as well as continuously reminding the rescuer to perform CPR when no CPR is detected. This exclusive technology effectively assists the rescuer to perform CPR – a key link in the chain of survival.

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