Medication Bum Bag (mymedibag)



Supplied empty without medication

Mymedibag waist bag is an insulated medication bag with a personal identification card, and medication card with an adjustable waist strap.

It has been specifically designed to carry and protect your essential medicine such as asthma inhalers and spacers, EpiPen, Anapen, auto-injector, diabetes medication, and much more.

Mymedibag is made from durable lightweight heavy duty fabric, which makes mymedibag very light to carry but safe for your medicine.

Great for day-care & school, holiday & vacation, sports time and workplace & hospital and nursing home.

Size and Weight:
• Sizes in cm: 12 (H) x 5 (W) x 21 (L)
• Weight: 185 gr


• External pocket for an identification card (card included)
• External carabiner
• Internal insulation
• Internal zipped pocket for medication card (card included)
• Adjustable waist strap
• Ideal for asthma inhalers and spacers, EpiPen, AnaPen, auto-injector, diabetes medication and more

With the bag you will get also:
• How to use the epipen card
• Anaphylaxis action plan (if available)
• Ashtma brochure (if available)
• How to use the asthma inhaler information sheet

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