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Ensure your EpiPen’s effectiveness and safety with the Insulated EpiPen Carrying Case. This product, constructed from top-quality, resilient materials, provides superior protection for your EpiPen, making it an essential accessory for those who rely on an EpiPen for their health and safety.

Key Features:

Superior Insulation: The carrying case is built with a high-quality thermal lining that helps maintain the right temperature, shielding your EpiPen from extreme heat or cold conditions.

Robust Design: This carrying case is made with robust, premium materials designed to withstand physical damage, keeping your EpiPen secure and intact.

Compact and User-friendly: While offering maximum protection, this case remains compact and lightweight, facilitating daily use and travel.

Quick Accessibility: The case features a swift and easy-to-use opening system, ensuring your EpiPen is immediately available when you need it.

Added Storage Space: It comes equipped with additional pockets for storing identification cards, medical information, or other small essentials.



Temperature Control: EpiPens can lose their effectiveness when exposed to severe temperatures. The superior insulation of this carrying case ensures the medication’s stability and potency.

Safeguard Against Damage: The sturdy exterior design of the case provides excellent protection against potential impacts and damage, ensuring your EpiPen stays in optimal working condition.

Enhanced Mobility: The user-friendly design of the case allows for effortless portability, making sure you always have your EpiPen within reach.

Emergency Preparedness: The easy-to-access design ensures that you can get your EpiPen promptly in case of a sudden emergency.

Peace of Mind: This carrying case allows you to carry your EpiPen with the assurance that it’s safeguarded and easily accessible when needed, providing invaluable peace of mind.


Why is the EpiPen case orange?

The reason for its orange colour is to increase its visibility, especially during emergencies, so that it can be easily spotted and located.

Additionally, it comes with a GLOW CROSS which can be stuck on the 3D cross, enhancing visibility in the dark.


Size and Weight:

  • Sizes in cm: 18.5 (L) x 7.0 (W) x 4.0 (H)
  • INTERNAL Sizes in cm: 17.5 (L) x 5.5 (W)
  • Weight: 100 gr


  • Hardcase with internal insulation
  • External carabiner
  • External pocket for an identification card (card included)
  • Internal pocket for medication card (card included)
  • Strong loop on back for attaching to belt
  • Ideal for EpiPen, AnaPen or other auto-injector
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