Medication Case A5 (mymedibag)


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Supplied empty without medication

Mymedibag is an insulated medication bag with personal identification and medication cards specifically made to hold A5-size documents (half of an A4)  and vital medications.

What is mymedibag?

Mymedibag is a compact and sturdy medication case that provides insulation and protection to your essential medicine. It holds also personal identification and medication cards.

Why mymedibag?

  • The design of mymedibag is specifically aimed at safeguarding and carrying crucial medication.
  • Made of heavy-duty yet lightweight fabric, mymedibag ensures the safe keeping of your medication while being easy to carry in your bag.
  • Mymedibag is made of 5mm EVA with an orange 600D nylon lining which is the perfect choice for products that require a combination of durability and shock absorption.
  • Internally Insulated with lining which helps to maintain the temperature of the contents inside the bag.
  • This versatile medication bag is suitable for a variety of settings, such as daycare and school, holidays and vacation, sport activities, and the workplace.
  • Suitable for adults and children of all ages.
  • In addition to holding medication, this case has a pocket and window for identification, emergency contacts and medication cards. They are critical information that can help medical professionals provide appropriate care in an emergency situation. They can help prevent potentially dangerous reactions to medications or treatments and provide quick access to important information that can save lives.

Why mymeddibag is orange?

The reason for its orange colour is to increase its visibility, especially during emergencies, so that it can be easily spotted and located.

Size and Weight:
• Sizes in cm: 7 (H) x 19 (W) x 27 (L)
• Weight: 425 gr

• External pocket for an identification card (card included)
• Back A5 paper-size window for medication, action or emergency plans (plans not included)
• External carabiner
• Internal insulation
• Internal pocket for medication card (card included)
• Handle plus removable/adjustable shoulder strap
• Ideal for asthma inhalers and spacers, Epipen, AnaPen, auto-injector, diabetes medication and more

With the bag you will get also:
• How to use the Epipen card
• Anaphylaxis action plan (if available)
• Ashtma brochure (if available)
• How to use the asthma inhaler information sheet (if available)