Haemostatic Clotting Trainer – Laceration



TraumaSim’s Haemostatic Clotting Trainer range allows users to pack realistic bleeding wounds, to practice the vital skills of haemostatic dressing application and wound packing to save lives. These confronting skills can now be simulated in a controlled environment and allows trainees to become competent under the guidance of a trained trainer.

These square units are available as a Gunshot Wound or Laceration with the bleeding controlled via a 50ml Syringe. To simulate bleeding during skills training, the syringe can be compressed and the artificial blood will flow depending on the pressure applied. TraumaSim recommends using Ben Nye Stage blood diluted: 1 part blood to 3 parts water.

This unit is a critical training aid for any professional delivering lifesaving first aid training. Allowing students to train repeatedly and gain confidence and competence by using these durable, easy to use realistic units. Simply wash, allow to dry and store for repeat training.

• Haemostatic Clotting trainer: Laceration or Gunshot
• 50ml Syringe
• 125ml Stage Blood
• User guide

All of TraumaSim’s Training Aids are hand painted and some variation in painting style should be expected.

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