Haemorrhage Control Simulator Lifecast Arm



TraumaSim’s Haemorrhage Control Simulator Lifecast Arm has been developed to aid in the delivery of bleeding control training, it simulates a full arm with a junctional wound near the armpit and a laceration across the radial artery – suitable for wound packing and tourniquet application.

Arterial bleeding can cause death in as little as 3 minutes, without immediate intervention a life can be lost. Applying a tourniquet and wound packing correctly can be a lifesaving measure, however this is a skill that needs to be appropriately taught, accurate technique experienced and then repeated to lock in the muscle memory.

This unit can be used as a wet or dry training aid, however TraumaSim rate realism as one of the most important training tools, so outside with the bleeding function operating will give you the best simulation result. By using the 5-litre hand pump, pumped 5 times to simulate the correct pressure and red food dye, your unit can be used repeatedly by trainees ensuring they completely understand the skill, strength and confidence required to adequately stop the bleed. The unit has internal functionality that stops the bleed when the trainee uses the correct technique, providing instant feedback. Each wound can bleed independently and a tap on a manual pump allows flow control.

• 1 x Haemorrhage Control Simulator Lifecast Arm
• 1 x 5 litre Manual Pressure Pump – PVC tubing
• 2 x Lengths 6mm PVC tubing at 1m
• 2 x 6mm C-taps, attached to tubing on the arm
• 1 x 8mm – 6mm Double Adapter, connected to the 8mm tubing coming off the pump
• 1 x Red Food Colouring
• 1 x TraumaSim padded Carry bag
• User guide
• 1 x Stabilizing Bracket, bolted to arm using 30mm long M8 Bolts
• 2 x G-clamps

The Haemorrhage Control Simulator Lifecast Arm is incredibly robust and has been used by Defence Forces, Special Operations, Medics, Police, Paramedics, Emergency Responders, First Aid Trainers, Fire and Rescue services, Hospitals and Universities around the globe.

All of TraumaSim’s Training Aids are hand painted and some variation in painting style should be expected.

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