Premium Heavy Weight Crepe Bandage

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7.5cm Each
$3.60 $3.00
7.5cm Pack 12
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10cm Each
$4.98 $4.16
10cm Pack 12
$44.70 $39.73
15cm Each
$7.03 $5.86
15cm Pack 12
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The AeroForm premium weight crepe bandage is a quality cost-effective bandage with excellent conforming attributes.

  • Standard Conforming
  • Easy to open wrapper
  • Includes bandage clip/s

Conforming Specifications

  • AeroForm Premium Heavy Weight Conforming Bandages are of a premium heavyweight conforming nature which is used where extra-firm support to sprains and strains is required and to provide comfort to injured limbs and joints.

Easy to Open Wrapper

  • AeroForm Bandages have a easy open tab built into the wrapper of the bandage
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