Olaes Modular Trauma Dressing

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  • Latex-free
  • Elastic wrap with built-in control strips to prevent accidental unravelling whilst bandaging
  • 3 meters of sterile 4-ply packing gauze
  • Plastic occlusive sheet included in dressing pocket for treatment of small burns or occluding chest injuries
  • Transparent pressure cup that focuses pressure on the wound site and allows for visual inspection of uncontrolled haemorrhage (and doubles as an eye protection cup)
  • High quality heavy elastic bandage
  • The OLAES Modular Bandage is one of the best trauma dressings on the market. Packed with features, the OLAES Trauma Bandage is truly a modular dressing. From it’s large trauma pad, 3 meters of packing gauze, removable occlusive plastic sheet, velcro brakes and a pressure cup – the OLAES has all the features you need for treating traumatic injuries.
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