Combine Dressing Pad

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Quality Combine Dressing Pads For Wound Management

A Combine Dressing Pad helps manage extensively bleeding wounds following the initial control of bleeding through direct pressure. These dressings are specifically designed with a deeply absorbent thick layer of fleece enveloped within a pliable, non-woven fabric that can easily adapt to the wound’s contours. This configuration involves folding to create a streamlined, flat tube shape. Additionally, the non-woven coverings of the pads feature gentle end seals, effectively averting the formation of pressure areas.


Low Adherent

  • The AeroWound Combine Dressing has a special low adherent coating which minimises trauma associated with changing wound dressings


  • The AeroWound Combine Dressing is hypo-allergenic with a low risk of wound irritation

Highly Absorbent

  • The AeroWound Combine Dressing is capable of absorbing fluids from large and heavily bleeding wounds to stop bleeding and reduce infection risk.

Individually packed and sterile

  • Dressing packs are available individually on demand in an easy-peel sterile pouch to ensure wound cleanliness.

Range of Sizes Available

  • Ranges of dressing sizes are available to suit both small and large-sized wounds effectively.
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