Aeroburn Gel – Tubes, Sachets & Spray

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Aeroburn Gel

Also available – Gel Dressings

Anyone that has ever experienced first or second-degree burns can testify that they are such a painful and traumatic experience, especially for children.
The gel can be used on all degree burns, from superficial sunburns, to partial and full thickness burns, even where there are open skin wounds present.

How does the Aeroburn gel work?

When the Aeroburn gel is placed on a burn, the gel is suspended on the skin. Moreover, from the patient’s perspective, they experience immediate pain relief from the cooling gel.

Further tissue damage is minimized because the cooling agent of the Aeroburn gel helps in stopping burn progression. Furthermore, because the gel’s property is 90% water, the gel rehydrates the affected part of the skin. Moreso, the possibility of secondary infection is very slim because the burn aid gel is sterile and is proven with effective biocidal properties.

How to Use

• Place burn area under cold running water for 20 minutes.
• Apply gel liberally to burn area. Do not rub.
• If necessary, cover with a clean, non-stick dressing.

The application of the gel helps to significantly reduce the need to administer medications for pain relief. The gel stays “in-situ” on the skin, which allows for easy transport to medical attention and can be easily rinsed off if a further medical examination is required.


The Aeroburn gel is available in four variants:
• Aeroburn gel 3.5g sachet
• Aeroburn gel 25ml tube
• Aeroburn gel 50ml tube
• Aeroburn gel 50ml spray

Gel dressings are also available

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