Aeroburn Burn Gel Dressing

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Aeroburn Gel Dressings


What are Aeroburn Gel Dressings?

Aeroburn gel is a hydrogel used for the immediate first aid treatment of all types of minor burns. Aeroburn gel consists of in excess 90% of water trapped in gel. The cooling properties of the dressing help to prevent burn progression and curtail further tissue damage. Aeroburn gel dressing provides a simple and effective way of relieving burn pains and treating burns. Being over 90% water, the dressing re-hydrates the burn, and its mild biocidal properties help prevent secondary infections.

How does the Aeroburn gel work?

When the Aeroburn gel pad is placed on a burn, the 3mm layer of gel is suspended on the skin. Moreover, from the patient’s perspective, they experience immediate pain relief from the cooling gel. Further tissue damage is minimized because the cooling agent of the Aeroburn gel dressing helps in stopping burn progression. Furthermore, because the gel’s property is 90% water, the dressing rehydrates the affected part of the skin. Moreso, the possibility of a secondary infection is very slim because the burn aid gel dressings are sterile and are proven with effective biocidal properties.

Aeroburn gel is an excellent choice when looking to treat burns, and has drastically reduced the need to administer medications for pain relief. The gel is available in different sizes, such as the 10cm x 10cm, the 20cm x 20cm and the 40cm x 60cm. You can also purchase the Aeroburn gel in sachets, spray and tubes Whatever works for you is fine, just bear in mind that when you purchase the Auroburn gel dressings, you purchase safety, calmness, quality and comfort all wrapped in one.

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