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ArmRx Waterproof Arm Gloves

From $12.95

ArmRx Waterproof Arm Gloves - Standard Single
ArmRx Waterproof Arm Gloves - Standard 10 Pack
ArmRx Waterproof Arm Gloves - Extra Large Single


  • Proven confident and reliable protection from water and moisture penetration
  • Enables and improves personal hygiene increasing the patient’s sense of wellbeing
  • Facilitates personal independence and preserves the privacy of personal care
  • Reduces expense and inconvenience of replacing damaged dressings or casts
  • Controls the risks associated with the wetting of wounds, lacerations or skin conditions
  • Assists with the management and protection of wounds and blood stoma infections
  • Allows normal non-restricted limb mobility during use
  • Enables the therapeutic effect of bathing and swimming
  • Convenient, easy to use, light and non-bulky
  • Portable, easy to store and easy to dispose of
  • Economical, inexpensive and affordable
  • Environmentally friendly – ArmRx can be recycled or disposed of with normal waste
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