School Playground Bumbag Kit

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This kit is designed for school and childcare playground use. The bum bag can be worn by the user to hold basic first aid supplies for minor injuries sustained in the playground.

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Qty UOM Description
2 ea Nitrile Gloves Blue Powder Free (Large) Pack 2
1 ea Biological/Clinical Waste Bag Clear (240mm x 160mm)
1 ea CPR Face Shield Disposable
1 ea First Aid Safety Pins Pack 12 Assorted Sizes
2 ea Sodium Chloride (Saline) Ampoule (15ml)
1 ea Standard Plastic Strips Env 25 (7.2cm x 1.9cm)
1 ea Heavy Weight Crepe Bandage (7.5cm x 4m)
1 ea Microporous Paper Tape (1.25cm x 5m)
1 ea Instant Ice Pack 80g (16cm x 9cm)
1 ea Calico Triangular Bandage Sling (110cm x 110cm)
1 ea Alcohol-Free Wound Cleaning Wipes (200mm x 100mm) Pack 10
1 ea Wound Dressing #13 (8cm x 10cm)
2 ea Gauze Swabs 3 Pcs White (7.5cm x 7.5cm)
1 ea Non-Adherent Dressing, Double-Sided (7.5cm x 5cm)
1 ea Island Dressing (6cm x 8cm)
1 ea Combine Dressing (10cm x 10cm)
1 ea Green Bum Bag Empty (35cm x 11cm x 12cm)

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 330 × 110 × 140 mm