Leukoflex Sheer Hypoallergenic Waterproof Tape

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1.25cm x 5m
$6.60 $5.94
2.5cm x 5m
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5cm x 5m
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Leukoflex is a transparent surgical tape ideal for securing dressings on patients with sensitive skin. It is impermeable to water, allowing patients with wound dressings secured with Leukoflex to shower, swim or participate in hydrotherapy. Suitable for use as an occlusive dressing to seal in topical medication, Leukoflex features a hypoallergenic adhesive which is skin-friendly and provides excellent initial and long-term adhesion. Removal of the tape is painless and does not leave residue. Constructed from a very thin and stretchable polyethylene film, Leukoflex conforms smoothly to body contours and adapts well to patient movement.

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