Laerdal Little Anne Manikin Airway Filter for Stackable Manikins Pack 60


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Pack of 60 Manikin Filters for use with stackable Little Anne manikin in wheeled case. The manikin filter is to be replaced after each class where mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths are practised. When used and replaced correctly, Little Anne airway lungs do not need to be replaced after every class.

The Technostat T-150(+) filter has low air resistance and high dust-holding capacity. The Technostat filter has been tested to a penetration of 1,8% @ 0.6 µm NACL unloaded. The viral filtration efficiency test proved that 99.99% of aerosol particles >2.7 µm were filtered and the bacterial filtration efficiency test proved that 99.99% aerosol particles >2.7 µm were filtered. The filter is two-sided.


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