First Aid Sign

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First Aid Signs come in a variety of styles including self-stick vinyl, poly plastic, flute, and metal. They are placed directly or in close proximity to where the emergency first equipment or services are located. This provides a clear and visible indicator so the responder can get there quickly. They usually come in two colours red or green with a white universal internationally accepted cross symbol.


Place first aid sign in a visible location and where your first aid kit or supplies are located. This ensures rescuers can get to it quickly, wasting minimal time. Each sign type has slightly varied installations, its best to follow the instructions on the sign you purchase for the best results.


  • Distinctive universal sign that is widely recognised
  • Enables responders to act promptly in an emergency
  • Let’s bystanders/workers know the location of first aid
  • Is highly visible


First Aid signs are used to provide people with an understanding of where the first aid is located there whether it is supplies or first aid assistance. This allows responders to perform first aid quickly which can reduce the risk of infection and the injury worsening.

Commonly used in settings such as:

  • Offices
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Sporting facilities
  • Workplaces
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