Eyewash Station with Mirror and 2 x 500ml Eye Wash Bottles

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A portable wall mounted eye wash station is an ideal solution for potentially hazardous work environments such as workshops, kitchens, manufacturing plants and laboratories. They are compact, portable and can be installed virtually anywhere. Eye wash stations allow people to quickly and effectively flush foreign objects from eye which can reduce the severity of an injury. Whilst most businesses have a high level of safety measures and standards in place, accidents can still happen. 


In the case of an accident, notify a co-worker straight away. Immediately go to the eye was station and grab the portable eye wash bottles. If you cannot see get the co-worker to grab them for you. Open your eyes and keep squeezing the fluid out until the bottle is empty. Flush both the eyes even if it’s only one of the eyes that is affected. Keep your eyes open whilst letting the water flow into your eyes, roll your eyes to try to get the water on the entire surface of the eyeball including under the lids. If you wear contacts, remove them. Don’t remove objects that are lodged in the eyeball. Do not rub the eyes and continue flushing the eyes until help has arrived. All eye injuries should be seen by a medical professional.


Easy to Refill

DROP eyewash 500ml and are an easy and effective eye and wound irrigation solution. 

Sodium Chloride Only

DROP Eyewash contains only Sodium Chloride 0.9% sterile solution and nothing else. It cleanses wounds and eyes safely and effectively.

Wall mountable

This eye wash station can be installed on a wall which makes it highly visible and easy to access in case of an emergency.


It has a built-in mirror which enables the victim to clearly see the debris and administer first aid accordingly. 

Eye bath design

DROP Eyewash has a built-in irrigated eye bath at the top of the bottle which means no waste and makes for an all in one eye cleansing procedure.

Easy to open whilst safe and secure

The refills have an easy to open twist top that keeps the saline sterile and safe to use.

Clear directions

On each DROP saline bottle there is easy to read clear instructions for use.

Clear Dust Cover

On the eye wash station there is a clear lid that prevents dust and grime from contaminating the eye wash. It also enables clear visibility of the contents from the outside.


Eye wash stations are used to:

  • Cleanse, soothe and refresh the eyes from contaminants
  • Flush the eyes of foreign objects
  • Clear the eyes of irritants in an emergency situation quickly and efficiently