Emergency Blanket / Space Blanket – Silver Foil

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This Emergency Blanket (or “space blanket” as it is also commonly known) is a standard foil blanket that is a suitable for workplace, off road, and bushwalking first aid kits. An emergency blanket can reflect up to 80% of body heat back to the casualty.

Emergency blankets are an aluminium film blanket and are typically used to treat shock or hypothermia by retaining body warmth and preventing heat loss. They are sometimes referred to as space blankets, thermal, weather and first aid blankets. The are a great addition to a first aid kit as they are multipurpose and can be used for many things especially for people who enjoy backpacking and camping.

Directions For Use

In an emergency call 000, wrap emergency blanket around patient ensuring that is tucked in at the sides including covering the feet. This will keep the heat in and the cold out. If you have a hat or alternative, place this on this patients head to reduce heat loss further. Wait for help to arrive.

Prompt first aid treatment of hypothermia is crucial to reduce the risk of the body going into shock.  Hypothermia treatment is a critical part of first aid when dealing with trauma induced shock as the body is sometimes not able to regulate its temperature sufficiently. An emergency blanket can reduce the severity of hypothermia and shock symptoms.

Benefits of an Emergency Blanket / Space Blanket

  • Compact and lightweight to store and apply
  • Aluminium film which effectively retains heat and keeps the cold out
  • 84″ x 52″ when unfolded, large enough to wrap adult body
  • Can help to reduce symptoms of potentially life-threatening medical conditions
  • Economical
  • Can be used as a temporary shelter whilst waiting for help to arrive
  • Easy to use

A space blanket works by reflecting heat back to the body. They can be a lifesaving piece of first aid equipment and can be used to treat medical issues such as significant blood loss, hypothermia, and shock. When someone is experiencing major blood loss it is essential that they keep warm to prevent getting hypothermia or going into shock. The body uses blood plasma to control body temperature. Even if the weather is warm an emergency blanket should be used on a blood loss patient.

Common Uses

Emergency Thermal Blankets are used to treat hypothermia, shock and to keep a patient warm after suffering significant blood loss to reduce the risk of them getting hypothermia.

>They are frequently used by astronauts and surgeons, backpackers, and people of the survival community.