Long Cotton Buds Pack 100

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Premium Long Cotton Buds – Versatile, Gentle, and Eco-Friendly

Top-quality 15cm long cotton buds, designed for a wide range of applications in personal care, beauty, and medical settings. These premium long cotton tip applicators are manufactured using the finest quality cotton, ensuring exceptional softness and absorbency. The cotton swabs are securely attached to sturdy bamboo applicators, providing an eco-friendly and reliable alternative to plastic.

Measuring 15cm in length, they offer added reach and precision, making them perfect for a variety of tasks. The high-quality cotton swab is gentle on the skin and ideal for cleansing wounds when used with an antiseptic or saline solution. The bamboo applicators are strong and durable, allowing for accurate application and reducing the risk of breakage.

Our long single-ended cotton tip applicators are versatile and suitable for numerous uses, including:

  1. Medical and first aid: Cleaning and disinfecting wounds, applying ointments, and removing debris.
  2. Beauty and cosmetics: Precise application of makeup, cleaning up nail polish, and fixing small details.
  3. Arts and crafts: Applying glue, paint, or other materials in hard-to-reach areas and creating fine details.
  4. Cleaning delicate items: Dusting intricate objects, cleaning electronic devices, and reaching tight spaces.
  5. Pet care: Cleaning ears, applying medications, and grooming delicate areas.

Supplied in convenient bags of 100, these extra-long cotton buds are perfect for home use, professional settings, or on-the-go. The resealable bag ensures that the applicators remain clean and protected when not in use.

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