Combine Dressing Roll 10m

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Combine Dressing Roll: Optimal Wound Care Solution


Welcome to our webstore! We’re delighted to introduce the Combine Dressing Roll, an indispensable component for medical professionals and personal care alike. Available in both 10cm and 20cm widths, our dressing rolls cater to diverse wound care needs. Whether you’re dealing with minor abrasions or more significant injuries, the Combine Dressing Roll is designed to offer optimal support and protection.

Superior Absorbency

One of the main features of the Combine Dressing Roll is its superior absorbency. The high-quality material used in the dressing roll efficiently absorbs exudates, minimising the risk of maceration around the wound. This feature is particularly beneficial in the management of heavily exuding wounds.

Flexibility and Customisation

Our Combine Dressing Roll is available in two different widths: 10cm and 20cm. This variety allows you to choose the best fit for the wound size. Moreover, the roll format gives you the flexibility to cut the dressing to the desired length, ensuring a customized fit for any wound shape or size.

Soft and Comfortable

The soft material of the Combine Dressing Roll ensures patient comfort. It is gentle on the skin, reducing the chances of irritation or discomfort during wear. This is essential for promoting patient compliance, particularly during extended periods of usage.

Protective Barrier

Acting as a protective barrier, the Combine Dressing Roll shields wounds from external contaminants, such as dirt and bacteria, which could potentially cause infections. This is vital for the wound healing process and for reducing the risk of complications.

Multipurpose Usage

The Combine Dressing Roll is not only suitable for wound care but also for providing padding around bony prominences, supporting sprains, and as an additional absorption layer in incontinence care. Its versatility makes it an invaluable addition to any first-aid kit or healthcare setting.

Easy Application

With its roll format, the Combine Dressing Roll is easy to apply. Simply cut the desired length, place it over the wound, and secure it with medical tape or a bandage. The dressing can be easily changed as needed.


Our Combine Dressing Roll is ideal for:

  • Post-operative care
  • Chronic wound management
  • Acute wound treatment
  • Sports injuries
  • Home first-aid kits
  • Padding for casts and splints

Don’t compromise when it comes to wound care. Invest in our Combine Dressing Roll and ensure that you or your patients receive the best in comfort, protection, and healing support. With its superb absorbency, customisable sizing, and multipurpose usage, this dressing roll is an essential healthcare product.

Purchase now and choose between the 10cm and 20cm width options to best suit your wound care requirements.