Blister Plaster (Band-Aid) Pack 4

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Brand Adhesive Bandages Advanced Healing. Stays on for days. Sterile. 4 cushions (4.2cmx 6.8 cm)

General Information

Band-Aid Brand Advanced Healing Blister Block Patches relieves blister pain instantly, stays in place, are 100% waterproof and seals and heals.

Band-Aid Brand Adhesive Bandages Advanced Healing Block.

Contains hydrocolloid technology which relieves blister pain instantly, acts like a second skin and supports the natural moisture balance to offer fast wound healing.

– Relieves blister pain instantly.

– Protects and cushions against rubbing.

– Seals for fast wound healing.


Diabetics consult a doctor before use. Do not use on infected wounds. If wound worsens or does not heal, see your doctor.


Apply to clean and dry wound. Leave in place until it starts to detach. Maybe up to several days. To remove the patch, stretch it along the skin as opposed to pulling it away.
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