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WorkWize EndurAID Nootropic & Electrolyte Sachets (45 Sachets)


SKU: 54487


Each EndurAID mixed flavour sachet pouch contains 45 great tasting single-serve sachets, ready to mix with water and help you work smarter. Sachets are a convenient, portion-controlled way to distribute to your work crew or keep in your pocket to have on the go. Enjoy the range of 4 great tasting flavours:

  • PPE Pineapple
  • Hi Viz Orange
  • Lockout Lime
  • Berry Safe


EndurAID is the ONLY Electrolyte drink specially formulated to Fight Fatigue and keep you safe on site.

EndurAID is a unique blend of Electrolytes, Vitamins, and Nootropic Amino’s that Rehydrate AND Refuel.

The Nootropic blend in EndurAID refuels the neurotransmitters your brain uses to fight fatigue as the electrolyte blend replaces what the sweat takes out.

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