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Sqwincher Electrolyte Frozen Pops


Sqwincher’s electrolyte frozen pops provide electrolytes for your body and also helps to cool down your core body temperature fast with its frozen format.

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Sqwincher is an electrolyte enhanced beverage for effective hydration both for the workplace and for sports. Sqwincher is scientifically formulated to safely replace mineral salts, replenish fluids and sugars at optimal absorption rates which are depleted because of dehydration or through physical exertion. It prevents or reduces the severity of heat stress disorders and provides a supplemental source of energy plus quenches thirst. The product is primarily used in industrial situations, where workers face the daily threat of heat stress from working in harsh environments, particularly where heavy sweating for long periods can drain the body. Sqwincher is the recognised leader in hydration for the industrial worker and adds tremendous value during sports as well.

Key Features

  • Low sodium, caffeine-free, gluten-free
  • Frozen format helps to cool down
  • Great taste for increased fluid consumption
  • Ready to eat when frozen
  • Convenient single-serve packaging for portion control

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Pack 10, 15 Packs of 10 (150 Total)

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