Rescue Swag


First Aid Kit | Sling | Splint | Immobilisation


As seen on Shark Tank Australia Series I, Rescue Swag not only includes medical supplies but links directly to instructions and photographs within the Rescue Swag app to guide you during emergencies.  Guided by Safework Australia recommendations for Outdoor and Remote level first aid, each kit boasts a comprehensive medical list and has the ability to be used as a sling, splint, immobilisation device and water carrier.  Carry your mobile phone in the easy-access external pocket or upgrade your kit to include a Personal Locating Beacon, for the ultimate in safety.

Our mission is to enable you to live with mindfulness, passion and the spirit of exploration.  Rescue Swag was developed to keep you safe on life’s grandest adventures, wherever you are, whatever you do.  Congratulations, your family, mates and loved ones will now be safer with Rescue Swag on board!

Workplace Rescue Swag

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The Original Rescue Swag, Workplace Rescue Swag